Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Keep College Station Weird

There are the many people in my town sporting "Keep College Station Normal" T-shirts or bumper stickers on their cars. It is meant to be a counterpoint to the Austin moniker "Keep Austin Weird," trumpeting that city's progressiveness, diversity and creativity. However, in at least one very important aspect, College Station has spadefuls more of those traits than Austin.

Fun For All Playground at Central Park is a special needs, sensory friendly playground designed with those with physical and cognitive disabilities in mind. From experience, I can give testimony to the difficulties in to using conventional playgrounds with a special needs child. These traditional playgrounds can be utilized, but having a park designed with special needs in mind is not only creative, but is tangible evidence of embracing our differences.

The Rotary Club of College Station conceived of the idea, and the City of College Station donated 2.5 acres of land at Central Park for location. Equipment will be dependent, in some part, on fundraising. The link on the planned design is here. So cool, is it not? Here is a list of 30 other cities around the world with this kind of inclusive playground. Only 1 is in Texas, in Frisco.

Brazos Valley Fashion Week, March 3, 4 and 5th, 2016 is a fundraiser for the Fun for All Playground. Please consider purchasing tickets, or contact me to contribute to the silent auction. All proceeds derived from the silent auction will go toward the playground. 

Let's keep College Station Weird in this very important way.

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